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What is Labour Hire and Why is it Smart for Your Business?

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Whether you’re in construction, civil engineering, civil works, logistics, transport, warehousing or manufacturing - there are many great reasons to use a labour hire company to find skilled employees. Read more about why you should use labour hire for your business and how Trade Assist can help!  

So, what do we mean when we say “labour hire”?

Labour hire is an arrangement between a labour hire agency, like Trade Assist, and a company, such as yourself. As part of this arrangement, businesses reach out to the labour hire agency when they need skilled workers for a particular project, and the labour hire company provides them with staff from their current database of workers. We find workers perfectly suited to what your business needs, whether it’s a labourer, carpenter, hammerhand, driver, forklift operator, picker, warehouse worker, logistics manager amongst several others across a variety of industries. Like a matchmaker, labour hire is about supplying the perfect candidate to companies that need labour.

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How can Trade Assist connect my business with the perfect job candidate?

Though each case may vary slightly, we typically use the following format to match the right candidates to your company:

  • You get in touch with us to discuss your workforce needs.
  • We work with you to understand your business and what it is you require. We will often visit your site beforehand so that we can get a well-rounded gauge on your company culture. This increases the chances of getting a “perfect fit” the first time around.
  • We identify suitable candidates that are a good fit for the positions and your company.
  • We then discuss a pool of suitable candidates with you and arrange meetings with them (if needed).
  • If you’re happy, we hit go and you’ve got the workers you need to get the job done. We take care of all of the HR stuff. You will have workers at your project ready to be directed by you. 

I need workers urgently - can Trade Assist help? 

If you need workers urgently, we can help! We have a pool of job candidates who have been through a robust assessment and are ready to go across a range of industries. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs! 

How does the payroll work in a labour hire arrangement?

Trade Assist takes care of the payroll for our business clients. As IRD New Zealand states:


NZ labour Hire Trade Assist


In short, you pay us, and we pay the workers. 

How do you benefit from using Trade Assist to provide labour hire?

When you’re looking for skilled labour, you have two options:

  1. Do the recruitment yourself; or
  2. Call a NZ labour-hire company.

To recruit staff, you'll need to advertise, review CVs, interview candidates and conduct background checks. All this, of course, takes time, and you’ve got to start that new project next week!

An easier option is to let a labour-hire company like Trade Assist manage recruitment, so you can concentrate on preparing for your new project.

Here’s just a couple of ways in which you will benefit from using Trade Assist to place workers in the jobs you need:

Trade Assist Labour Hire saves time

At Trade Assist, we understand the burden of time associated with recruiting new staff members. Say, for example, you’ve just landed a large contract. That’s awesome news, and a great step in the right direction for your company -- congrats! However, you need skilled labour that you don’t have, and you need it fast. To find additional staff, you’ll have to advertise, review applications, interview candidates and conduct background checks amongst several other niggly pieces of admin. This process chews up valuable time, and that new project is getting closer and closer!

An easier option is to let Trade Assist manage recruitment, so that you can dedicate your time to the new project. We already have an extensive, well established database of skilled and experienced workers who have been through robust assessment. This means there’s an excellent chance that we already have the perfect candidate ready to start as soon as you need them. As a result, there’s way less hassle for you, and more time for you to focus on the upcoming job. It’s a win-win!

Trade Assist Labour Hire reduces Employment hassles

The reality is, even after you’ve been through the lengthy process of employing new recruits, there’s still a lot to worry about. There’s the increased hours put into sorting out your payroll, or the risk of employing someone who isn’t adequately trained for the job. These are niggly factors, especially if you’re only employing new workers for one project.

Trade Assist is a smart solution to all of these issues. For instance, when you sign up to Trade Assist, the workers are employed by us, not you. This arrangement means that we handle the payroll, insurance, superannuation and PAYE. Also, because of our strong relationships with training organisations like Ara and BTICO, all of our candidates either come with or have been provided with extensive training and are fully equipped for the workplace. And finally, we strive to ensure that each candidate lives up to your expectations and is the perfect fit for your team’s culture. If, on the off chance, we do happen to employ someone who isn’t suitable the first time around, we can find you a better fit.

Trade Assist Labour Hire increases your flexibility

It’s impossible to be one hundred percent sure of how many staff members you’ll need in three, six, or even twelve months time especially when you’re on the lookout for new projects and when existing project requirements change urgently. Because of all this uncertainty regarding fluctuating staffing requirements, using Trade Assist to employ your labour is a great option. Doing so means that you can employ a portion of your staff on an as and when needed basis. This arrangement will give you the increased flexibility of being able to increase and shrink your workforce to suit your needs. Consequently, many of our clients choose to employ a permanent core team (essential workers) and add more staff as and when required.

Labour Hire New Zealand

Trade Assist Labour Hire Reduces the cost and risk of hiring mistakes

The cost of hiring new staff

How much does it cost to recruit skilled labour? Well, truth be told, the cost of employing the best staff can be significant and depends on the job you need to fill. Initial basic costs for recruitment can include:

  • Advertising
  • Shortlisting
  • Interviewing
  • Conducting reference checks
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Booking a Site Safe course or other training, if required
  • Supplying tools if the recruit doesn’t already have them

At Trade Assist, we take the hassle out of the recruitment process for you, including any pressure you may have to hire someone quickly or urgently - and supply you with suitable workers, reference checked, trained and ready to go on the job. Our labour hire and recruitment candidates have already gone through intense screening by our specialised recruitment consultants, training and reference checks. And you’re under no obligation to continue using any of our workers if they don’t make the grade or if your staff or job requirements change. It’s a simple solution to your very real business needs.

The risk of hiring mistakes

There is another risk when hiring permanent staff: You never know whether a new person will work out. And, if they don’t work out, the costs to your business can be large and include:

  • Lost productivity (it takes time for new staff to get up to speed)
  • Disgruntled existing staff (poor fit with company culture)
  • Mistakes leading to lost business (upset customers)
  • Wasted time and money (advertising, interviewing, screening and training)

We understand the need of finding the best person for the job. Talk to us more about how we can help you avoid the risk of hiring mistakes.

Labour Hire doesn’t have to be just a short-term thing

Many of our clients use us when planning for the future. You see, by taking on a labour-hire candidate, they can check them out over an extended period with the view to eventually giving them a permanent position. In the industry, we call this "temp to perm." It's a win/win arrangement. If a candidate doesn't make the grade or job requirements change, the company doesn’t have to use them. If the candidate works out, the company has an option to take them on permanently.

Find out more about how Trade Assist can help!

We're here to help with your labour hire and recruitment needs across a range of New Zealand industries. Find out more about our approach and how we can help with your labour hire and recruitment needs in the following industries: 

construction recruitment NZcivil recruitment NZtrades recruitment NZtransport and logistics recruitment NZwarehousing recruitment NZmanufacturing and production recruitment NZ

Get in touch with us for a chat about your labour-hire and recruitment needs right across New Zealand. Contact us by email, or speak to one of our recruitment consultants on 0800 999 599. Find out more about Trade Assist NZ labour hire solutions here

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