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Trade Assist New Zealand Labour Hire and Recruitment

Kiwibuild Skills Shortages List - NZ to make it easier to hire overseas construction workers

The KiwiBuild Skilled Shortages List - How it can help you find work in New Zealand

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Fork Lift Jobs NZ

About forklift licences

Thinking of getting a NZ Forklift Licence? Looking for a Job Driving a Forklift? Here's some things to know about getting a Forklift Licence in NZ.

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Trade Assist Land Construction Job

How to land a construction job when you don't have qualifications

Do you like building stuff? If so, a construction job could be right up your alley. If, though, you don’t have any relevant experience or qualifications, getting ‘on the tools’ — and being paid — might all seem like a ‘big ask.’ Well, it needn’t be.

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