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How labour hire helps cut the risks of shifting demand

Trade Assist Labour hire helps risk of shifting demand

Spring has ‘sprung.’ What does that mean for labour hire? Well, we get a lot busier. More sunshine and less rain, you see, leads to new construction and civil projects; orchards and vineyards, too, are in peak season. Consequently, the demand for workers rises.

Managing the ebbs and flows in business

Though it would be nice, no one can predict the future — it’s impossible to be sure whether there will be more or less work six months from now. This uncertainty makes hiring permanent staff risky.

So, if your staffing requirements fluctuate throughout the year, or you’re nervous about what the future holds, it makes sense to use a labour-hire company. Doing so gives you valuable flexibility. You see, by using labour-hire companies, like Trade Assist, you take on workers only for as long as needed. When things slow down, you can shrink your workforce to suit. In effect, companies can employ a permanent core team (essential workers) and add more as and when required.

In Christchurch, for example, one of our clients is a major construction company with about $180 million of work this year. Forecasts show they need 150 staff to cope with their current workload. However, the company employs only 50 permanent staff; we supply the rest.

Reduce the risk of hiring mistakes

There is another risk when hiring permanent staff: You never know whether a new person will work out. And, if they don’t meet the grade, the costs to your business can be painful:

  • Lost productivity (it takes time for new staff to get up to speed)
  • Disgruntled existing staff (poor fit with company culture)
  • Mistakes leading to lost business (upset customers)
  • Wasted time and money (advertising, interviewing, screening and training).

Don’t think that the 90-day trial period gives you complete protection, either: Through our experience, it’s not difficult for a ‘bad egg’ to put on a good face for three months. Performance managing an employee out of your business after a trial period ends is costly and time-consuming.

Labour hire isn’t just a short-term thing

Many of our clients use us when planning for the future. You see, by taking on a labour-hire candidate, they can check them out over an extended period with the view to eventually giving them a permanent position. In the industry, we call this "temp to perm." It's a win/win arrangement. If a candidate doesn't make the grade or job requirements change, the company doesn’t have to use them. If the candidate works out, the company has the option to take them on permanently. 

re you interested in using labour-hire? Please get in touch by email, or speak to one of our recruitment consultants on 0800 999 599.

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