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Trade Assist Casual employment in demand

5 types of casual employment in hot demand

Are you a machine operator? A truck driver? A forklift operator? A candlestick maker…? Just kidding about the last one. Anyway, if you have the right experience and qualifications, there are lots of openings for casual employment.

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Trade Assist Labour hire and recruitment agencies

Labour-hire or recruitment agencies

Are you looking for work in construction, manufacturing or transport? If so, you may be wondering whether to approach a labour-hire or recruitment agency. So which one is Trade Assist?

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Trade Assist motivate skilled labour to be more productive

How to motivate your skilled labour to be more productive

When it comes to motivating skilled labour, money isn't all that important. Sure, rubbish wages will probably cause staff to look for alternative employment, but paying more won't motivate them to be more productive, either.

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Trade Assist 3 Christchurch Projects On Horizon

3 awesome Christchurch construction projects on the horizon

Congratulations, Cantabrians! According to The Press[https://stuff.co.nz/business/105077627/canterbury-leads-labour-productivity-growth], when it comes to productivity, your region is outperforming the rest of the country. Also, due mainly to the Canterbury and Kaikoura earthquakes, there is plenty of construction work available. So, if you are builder, carpenter, labourer or hammerhand looking for permanent or casual work, Christchurch really is a land of opportunity. Here three construction projects currently underway.

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Trade Assist Tips Hiring Best Skilled Labour

5 tips for how to hire the best skilled labour

It’s no secret that a business’ most important resource is its people. Well, at least it should be. Labour hire, though, takes time and a professional approach to ensure a candidate is a good fit. There's far more involved than throwing together a bunch of people and hoping for the best. So here are our five tips for hiring the best skilled labour.

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Trade Assist Construction Job CV

How to win a construction job with a great CV

Are you looking for a construction job? Well, you’ll be aware that you’re not the only one. The reality is that every day recruiters get swamped with new job applications. So, in this post, we explain what you can do to make sure your CV gets noticed.

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Trade Assist Land Construction Job

How to land a construction job when you don't have qualifications

Do you like building stuff? If so, a construction job could be right up your alley. If, though, you don’t have any relevant experience or qualifications, getting ‘on the tools’ — and being paid — might all seem like a ‘big ask.’ Well, it needn’t be.

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Trade Assist Blog Ensuring Safe Workplace

Ensuring safe workplaces

What protections are in place for workers, can your employment be terminated if you report a health and safety issue or refuse to work because you believe it's unsafe to do so, and what you can do if your business is not involving workers in health and safety?

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