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7 steps to great staffing strategies

A business is nothing without its people. Whether you’re a sole trader or a multinational (or anywhere in between), if there’s no humans, there’s no human resources and no business.

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Trade Assist New Zealand Labour Hire and Recruitment

Kiwibuild Skills Shortages List - NZ to make it easier to hire overseas construction workers

The KiwiBuild Skilled Shortages List - How it can help you find work in New Zealand

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Fork Lift Jobs NZ

About forklift licences

Thinking of getting a NZ Forklift Licence? Looking for a Job Driving a Forklift? Here's some things to know about getting a Forklift Licence in NZ.

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Trade Assist Christchurch metro sports

Christchurch's metro sports centre is on track

Christchurch sport centre on track despite construction delays

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Trade Assist Labour hire helps risk of shifting demand

How labour hire helps cut the risks of shifting demand

Spring has ‘sprung.’ What does that mean for labour hire? Well, we get a lot busier. More sunshine and less rain, you see, leads to new construction and civil projects; orchards and vineyards, too, are in peak season. Consequently, the demand for workers rises.

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Trade Assist building companies look after their workforce

Why companies should look after their workforce

The New Zealand Staff Turnover Survey Report 2018[http://www.lawsonwilliams.co.nz/cms/files/2018-Turnover-Survey-Report-updated.pdf] states that staff turnover in the property and construction sectors is 23.8%. and 18.6% in the manufacturing and industrial sectors. In this post, we explain the costs of employees moving on and why it makes sense for building companies to look after their workforce.

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safety team

What is Labour Hire and Why is it Smart for Your Business?

Whether you’re in construction, civil engineering, civil works, logistics, transport, warehousing or manufacturing - there are many great reasons to use a labour hire company to find skilled employees. Read more about why you should use labour hire for your business and how Trade Assist can help!

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Trade Assist Government on skilled labour shortage

Skilled labour shortage

Everyone knows that there is a huge housing shortage[https://www.beehive.govt.nz/sites/default/files/2018-02/A%20Stocktake%20Of%20New%20Zealand's%20Housing.pdf] in New Zealand. So, if you run a construction company, everything should be rosy, right? Well, it would be if there weren't several obstacles preventing you from picking up the tools, like a severe lack of skilled labour.

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Trade Assist Looking for building work and opportunities

Looking for building work

Are you looking for building work? Well, if you've got the right stuff, the New Zealand construction industry NEEDS YOU.

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Labour Hire Jobs

10 Great Reasons to work for a NZ Labour Hire Company like Trade Assist

Have you thought about working for a *NZ labour hire company*[/]? There are plenty of good reasons for doing so, like flexibility, job variety and job training, just to name a few. Read on to find out more about labour hire with Trade Assist!

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