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Smarter solutions under one roof

From picking, packing, stacking to stocking, weighing, labelling, shipping or just wheeling around in a forklift, we’ve got you covered. Our talented team understand how each position interacts, ensuring better productivity and a smart result.

Delivering better candidates

Project to project we get that you need agility and though our team might not be able to pole vault, we’re confident that they’ll rise above and beyond any challenge you might have. How do we know? We take the time to get to know our candidates, their personality, interests, ambitions, favourite TV show and more; things that help us find just the right fit for you.

We focus on people

You won’t find any of our candidates gathering dust, thanks to our in-depth recruitment process, we get people with skills and a work ethic that’s in-demand, which means they’re always out helping people like you and gaining experience along the way, not to mention a cup of tea or two. We work with you to get an understanding of your needs and what the right solution looks like, with the ability to adapt to the often changing requirements. Keeping clear communication with both our clients and candidates ensures a smooth placement and experience for everyone.

Working as recruitment partners

Having worked with some of New Zealand’s top companies delivering a range of projects through our successful approach, we’ve built a solid reputation for understanding the specific labour hire needs for companies like yours. And your dedicated team have on the job experience to deliver better value.

Andrew Loizou

Andrew Loizou

Recruitment Consultant

Andrew originally worked in various team leader and supervisory roles at Tesco stores in the UK, whilst obtaining a degree in Business Economics. Andrew has built solid experience in warehousing, logistics and staffing as the Operations Manager of a start-up company in London before moving to New Zealand to take on the role of Recruitment Consultant at Trade Assist.

Always up for a new challenge, Andrew has a keen interest in the companies he works with which helps him build long lasting working relationships. And with a passion for anything to do with sports and the outdoors, Andrew will be quick to swap the office for the outdoors and take you up on an offer of a chat over a game of golf, kayaking or even hiking.

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