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Trades and services

Finding the right talent is just half the work, the other half is by doing it the smart way

Like a Swiss army knife for recruitment; we’ve got the tools, skills and know-how to find the right trades and service people to best fit your needs. We’re ready to dig deeper to find the right people with an approach that embraces a wide range of people across a range of roles suitable for your challenge.

Delivering better candidates

Forklift drivers, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, painters, operation managers, electricians, expert tea-makers, you name it, we’ve got them. We pride ourselves on helping to create a positive workplace environment. No matter the job we’ve been asked to take on, we get it done. When you need us, we’re right here.

We focus on people

We work with you to get an understanding of your needs and what the right solution looks like. We then find the right candidates with a thorough vetting process, making sure their skills, style and experience match your needs. We work hard to keep both you and our candidates supported, being there to ensure a smooth placement and work experience so the job gets done.

Working as recruitment partners

Having worked with some of New Zealand’s top companies delivering a range of projects through our successful approach, we’ve built a solid reputation for understanding the specific labour hire needs for companies like yours. And your dedicated team have on the job experience to deliver better value.

Shelley Caswell

Shelley Caswell

Recruitment Consultant

Growing up in New Zealand, Shelley relocated to Australia and moved into recruitment for a large global recruitment company in the late 1980s.

Starting her own recruitment company in the early 1990s, Shelley recruited to many global companies predominantly in the industrial sector. After selling the company some 12 years later, she moved to Spain for 5 years before returning to New Zealand recently, bringing valuable insight and experience to the Trade Assist team.

When she’s not in the field, Shelley spends her spare time mainly on the side of the football field watching her boys.

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