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Manufacturing and production

More synchronised rhythm than the Eurythmics

If you’re in manufacturing and production, you need more than just a fast pace; you need a synchronised rhythm of all the parts involved in the process. Talking about records, when the deadline is crucial, you need a recruitment partner that doesn’t just keep up, they help you stay one step ahead.

Delivering better candidates

Isn’t it nice when everything just falls into place? Even when it seems as though it’s rarely the case, you can rely on our candidates to think on their feet to help save the day. We know this because we don’t just send you anyone - we send you the people you can rely on to get the job done. Covering a range of roles, we’ve got you covered from start to finish.

We focus on people

Knowing an industry isn’t enough to get the work done: you’ve also got to know people. We work closely with you and our team to ensure a seamless and enjoyable workflow right through changing time frames and any manufacturing challenges. Our approach isn’t complicated, it’s just down to getting to understanding your goals, finding the candidates that are right for the tasks at hand. As part of our family, we keep clear and direct communication with our clients and candidates, being there to ensure a smooth placement and experience for everyone.

Working as recruitment partners

Having worked with some of New Zealand’s top companies delivering a range of projects through our successful approach, we’ve built a solid reputation for understanding the specific labour hire needs for companies like yours. And your dedicated team have on the job experience to deliver better value.

Andrew Loizou

Andrew Loizou

Recruitment Consultant

Andrew originally worked in various team leader and supervisory roles at Tesco stores in the UK, whilst obtaining a degree in Business Economics. Andrew has built solid experience in warehousing, logistics and staffing as the Operations Manager of a start-up company in London before moving to New Zealand to take on the role of Recruitment Consultant at Trade Assist.

Always up for a new challenge, Andrew has a keen interest in the companies he works with which helps him build long lasting working relationships. And with a passion for anything to do with sports and the outdoors, Andrew will be quick to swap the office for the outdoors and take you up on an offer of a chat over a game of golf, kayaking or even hiking.

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