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Support and benefits

Welcome Aboard

When you register with Trade Assist, you become part of the team that’s powering New Zealand's workforce. And like all great teams, we’re right behind you. We don’t just see you as another faceless candidate. We work harder to find the right job opportunities that suit what you’re looking for, support you along the way and help you move forward with your career.

Don't just take our word for it. Ask our team.

“As an Irishman over in new Zealand it can be hard being so far from home! Trade Assist will take you under their wing and make it a lot easier for you! Would highly recommend working for them or hiring them for your latest project as their work ethic is probably the best I've come across out here!”

James Mg Grath

“Trade Assist is a great company to work with, they take very good care of their people and are very open and friendly, I recommend them if you are looking for work!”

Roots Kause

“I'm an employee of Trade Assist and really enjoy working for them, if you're looking for a new employer then give them a go!”

Jazz Laff

“Great friendly professional team to work with, everyone from the ground up gets involved with the projects and is there to get the job done. Good supportive network.”

Angie Smith

"I worked for Trade Assist and I enjoyed it a lot. I am very happy with the treatment I received and they gave me the job I needed. I liked working with them, the customer service was great. My experience was really good."

Emilio Franzen

We're here to support you

Being part of the Trade Assist team comes with tangible help and assistance to get you on your way with your career journey.

Check out these benefits

  • Apprentice program
  • Free career planning advice and assistance
  • Interest free tool purchase & finance (conditions apply)
  • Training and accreditations for your role
  • Free immigration information and assistance
  • Free taxation advice and assistance

Work hard, play hard

We think a great team deserves to enjoy great discounts and special offers. So, we've teamed up with a range of top brands and companies to create one serious pack of benefits. With something in there for everyone, you can access thousands of dollars' worth of benefits for being part of the Trade Assist team.


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