18th February 2020

Manufacturing Insight

When I started our Manufacturing desk, I had no idea just how big the industry is. It’s huge and there’s so much going across the many subcategories of manufacturing.
Since starting this desk, I’ve learnt a lot about the industry including some useful facts. Here’s a few key bullet points to give some insight in to this amazing industry:

  • Manufacturing sector annual wages are 15% higher than the New Zealand average, partially driven by employees in the manufacturing sector working more hours per week than employees in other sectors.
  • Manufacturing companies have slightly harder to fill vacancies than other sectors and struggle to recruit enough qualified staff.
  • 5% of tertiary graduates in 2015 studied a field closely related to manufacturing. Over half of manufacturing related education is at certificate levels 3 and 4 (the level of most trade-related qualifications)
  • Since 2011, the number of graduates, trainees and apprentices in manufacturing related fields has increased

Chris Mitchell | Recruitment Consultant

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