Candidate Success Stories

What our Candidates say

I want to just thank you so so much for all the time and effort your have put in for me, even in the short time I have known you. Keep being the amazing positive influence.


Happy New year to you. Thank you so much hope you had a great start to the year. Love you all at Trade Assist, such a great company :)

Dale Collins

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to you Andrew for taking me on at Trade Assist and giving me the opportunity to work for such an esteemed business.

Francis Blackstock

I worked for Trade Assist and I enjoyed it a lot. I am very happy with the treatment I received and they gave me the job I needed. I liked working with them, the customer service was great. My experience was really good.

Emilio Franzen

As an Irishman over in new Zealand it can be hard being so far from home! Trade Assist will take you under their wing and make it a lot easier for you! Would highly recommend working for them as their work ethic is probably the best I've come across out here!

James Mc Grath

Trade Assist is a great company to work with, they take very good care of their people and are very open and friendly, I recommend them if you are looking for work!

Roots Kause

I'm an employee of Trade Assist and really enjoy working for them, if you're looking for a new employer then give them a go!

Jazz Laff

Great friendly professional team to work with, everyone from the ground up gets involved with the projects and is there to get the job done. Good supportive network.

Angie Smith
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